The Saturday, September 19 household hazardous waste collection in Jeffersonville will go on as scheduled as long as the current statewide COVID-19 protocols are in place. This collection is free to all LRSWMD residents and at a reduce cost to District businesses.  Business must register by Friday, September 11 by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Due to COVID-19 conditions, a few requirements will be enacted at this collection:

  • Masks are required to be worn by all attendees and staff.
  • No containers will be returned to you; items will not be removed from containersPlease use cardboard boxes.This will help in moving the line quickly and will lessen the handling of containers by staff.
  • No black plastic bags. Staff must be able to see what is in the containers and boxes.
  • All items must be in the back of your vehicle – trunk, hatchback or pick-up bed.
  • No pets.
  • Stay home if you are sick or have recently arrived from out of state.
  • The collection ends promptly at noon. Please do not arrive after that as this location tends to be a busy event and packing up takes hours.

Visit our website for the list of what is and is not acceptable at this collection.


If these dates don't jive with your calendar you can take your hazardous waste to the Chittenden Solid Waste District Environmental Depot.

CSWD Environmental Depot 

1011 Airport Parkway, South Burlington, VT 05403


Residents: The Depot accepts household hazardous waste from households outside of CSWD member towns for a fee. The fee depends entirely on what the household has and cannot be estimated over the phone. Out-of-District participants may drop off material by appointment only for households, unless they have a large quantity of waste to drop off (more than 50 containers or 55 gallons). Then please call us on the business line at 802-865-4663.

Businesses: CSWD does not accept business waste from outside the district, except for architectural paint, electronics covered in the E-cycles program, or mercury-containing bulbs. Please call before visiting to confirm volume limits, 802-865-4663.


What is Hazardous Waste?

Hazardous wastes have properties or contain chemicals which make them dangerous or capable of having harmful effects on public health or on the environment, as explained in detail by Vermont Hazardous Waste Management Regulations (VHWMR). The hazardous properties are ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, or toxicity. In the regulations, hazardous wastes are also listed by their chemical names or by their related manufacturing processes. A waste is considered to have been “generated” when it is put into a container for disposal or a determination has been made that the material is no longer useable. Hazardous wastes managed in the course of running a business – this includes wastes from municipalities and from businesses operated out of a home – are regulated by the VHWMR.

Please Manage your Household Hazardous Waste Correctly

  • Do NOT dump leftover Household Hazardous Waste on the ground or down the sewer. Dispose of leftovers properly at our collections.
  • Read labels carefully before you make purchases so you can reduce the amount of hazardous material that you bring into your home. Choose non-toxic alternatives when possible. Select the least toxic products available and buy only the amount you need to use.
  • Store all toxic products away from children and animals in safe, tight containers. Make sure they won't leak.
  • Store away from extreme temperatures.
  • Follow label directions and use only what is needed.
  • NEVER mix products. Mixing products can cause explosive or poisonous chemical reactions.
  • Always store products in their original container with the original label.
  • Never eat, drink, or smoke when handling hazardous materials. Clean up properly after use.
  • Never eat, drink, or smoke when handling hazardous materials. Clean up properly after use.
  • For more information visit the Department of Environmental Conservation website.