2020: The Year of Organics Bucket Count Per Site

CRAFTSBURY (open 1d/wk) 66  
EDEN (open 1d/wk) 6  
JOHNSON (open 2d/wk) 82  
MORRISVILLE (open 1d/wk) 116  
STOWE (open 6d/wk) 330  
WORCESTER (open 1d/wk) 39  


Thanks for making Compost to Grow With.

$1 to dump up to 5 gallons of food scraps at all six LRSWMD Drop-off locations.

Bkt Sticker


Click below to watch the May 31, 2018 Opening Celebration video captured by Green Mountain Access TV.

Click for video: Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District, Soil Composting Facility from Green Mountain Access TV on Vimeo.