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Have you ever asked “What Do I Do With This?” when throwing something out? Ever wondered where the stuff you get rid of actually goes? Then this is the workshop for you!

November 14th, December 3rd and 5th. Click here for details.


Recycling Charges Reinstated Beginning Aug.1, 2018

The LRSWMD is a municipal non-profit representing all towns in Lamoille County plus Craftsbury and Worcester. LRSWMD is funded purely through user fees and hauler surcharges, not through taxes on our 12-member towns. Our mission requires the LRSWMD to operate within a balanced budget. With the stringent recycling requirements China implemented at the start of 2018 – this is becoming impossible.

The State of Vermont has recognized this shift in the market by making changes to the original Universal Recycling & Composting law by allowing charges to be collected on recyclables: glass, plastic, aluminum, steel, cardboard, and paper. These recyclable materials remain banned from disposal in the landfill.

Unexpected increases in both recycling processing fees and transportation costs, have left a deficit of over $100,000 in this year’s budget. To cover operating expenses and maintain a balanced budget, recycling charges will be $1/15-gallon bin at LRSWMD Drops-off facilities beginning on August 1, 2018. China’s restrictions have provided limited processing options thereby drastically increasing the cost per ton of managing recycling. Recycling processing fees increased from $21/ton to $50/ton on May 1 and are going up again on Sept 1 to $55/ton. This does not include the transportation cost of getting materials to the Materials Recovery Facility.

Until we can better manage our materials domestically and make our recycling as “clean” as possible, the increases may continue. Should things turn around, we may be able to lower the price at some point in the future. Please call the office, 802.888.7317, with questions, comments and concerns. 802.888.7317

Recycling is Mandatory

Recycling is mandatory statewide under the Universal Recycling Law. It is thereby required that plastic, paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, and steel be sorted for recycling and NOT be disposed of as trash. If you have questions about what materials are banned from landfill disposal visit

Leaf & Yard Debris Charges Effective Aug. 1, 2018

Beginning August 1, 2018, the charge for leaves, grass clippings, and brush less than 1 inch in diameter will be $3/cubic yard. Limbs and brush greater than 1 inch in diameter and clean lumber will be $6/cubic yard.  Stumps will no longer be accepted at any LRSWMD facility, including the Johnson facility.


No Phone

Hours: Saturday, 9 - 1

Location: Town Creek Garage, map it


No Phone

Hours: Sunday, 9 - 2

Location: Town Garage, Route 100, map it



Hours: Friday and Saturday, 8:30 - 3:30

Location: 941 Wilson Road, off Route 100, map it

Main Office, Morrisville


Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8 - 4:30

Location: 29 Sunset Drive, Suite 5, map it


No Phone

Hours: Saturday, 8:30 - 1:30

832 Cochran Rd, map it



Hours: Open everyday EXCEPT Tuesday, 7:30 - 3:00

Reuse Center: Tuesday, 10:30 - 4:30. Thursday & Saturday, 8:30 - 2:30

Redemption Center: Open everyday EXCEPT Tuesday and Sunday, 7:30 - 3:00

Location: 91 Dump Road, map it



Hours: Saturday, 7:30 - 1:00

Location: Calais Rd., map it

Non LRSWMD Facilities

Click here for a listing of non LRSWMD facilities.