2017 SWIP Approved on First Submission

The 2017 LRSWMD Solid Waste Implementation Plan report was approved by ANR on August 9. Approval was received without having to provide any additional information or clarifications. The SWIP is broken into six main sections and further grouped into specific materials within the main sections. Highlighted below are some 2017 accomplishments that helped achieved rapid SWIP approval.

Disposal Rate: 2.41 pounds/person/day of waste generated by 32,388 people across 13. 842 households.

School Outreach: Twenty schools throughout the District were contacted and made aware of the free school programs we offer. Six elementary schools received instruction from LRSWMD outreach in the TRY for the Environment UVM 4-H partner program. Two preschools and one independent school received guidance and technical assistance in food management and diversion practices.

Multi-Media Campaign: Outreach and education was performed in a myriad of ways including but not limited to: the biannual newsletter, various recycling and composting workshops, ads in the newspapers of record, conversations during the giving away of over 150 Lamoille Soil Collection kits, weekly radio spot on WLVB, Prescription Drug disposal information in partnership with Healthy Lamoille Valley, social media, inserts to charge customers on HHW and C&D, syringe stickers provided to local organization for use with their clientele, and hundreds of face-to-face conversations while tabling at local farmers markets and events.

Business Outreach: Thirty-five out of an estimated 1,300 local businesses participated to varying degrees in the Sustainable Solutions Business Program. Many businesses are already compliance with Act 148, we were able to encourage them and answer some questions they had along the way.

Food Rescue Group Collaboration: Included in resources provided to businesses was a list of all active food rescue and donation programs within the Lamoille Valley. We are SWIP-mandated to know the activities of these local organizations and to let generators know that they are available. It is then up to the two entities to decide how they can best work together to keep food out of the landfill and feed hungry Vermonters.

Event Waste Reduction Assistance: Event planners benefitted from the technical assistance provided on materials management strategies at large scale events. Tips included everything from working with the vendors to limit what is generated at the event to providing receptacles and signage to help attendees recycle right. Specific events included: LACiNg Up for Cancer, the Jeffersonville Farmers and Artisans Market, and Johnson’s Tuesday Night Live.

Required Materials Outreach: We provided management options and outreach on C&D, clean wood, leaf & yard debris, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

Household Hazardous Waste: The HHW requirement was fulfilled which included: hosting a minimum of three events conveniently located within 15 miles of each town. The second part of the HHW component is to offer year-round collection for the following materials: batteries, fluorescent bulbs, mercury thermostats, electronics, paint, used oil, 1 & 20 lb propane tanks and tires. Collection locations for these items can be privately owned acceptors.

The SWIP is a way for us to record accomplishments for the work that we do everyday to fulfill our mission to “reduce the quantity and toxicity of the waste being generated and sent to the landfill while improving overall environmental quality…” There are two more reporting years for this current SWIP and then we must submit an entirely new plan for 2020.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lamoille Regional Solid Waste Management District is to reduce the quantity and toxicity of the trash generated and going to the landfill while maintaining or improving overall environmental quality (air, water, and soil), treating customers and employees with respect and operating within a balanced budget.

Available Services

As a non-profit 501(c)1 organization, we can offer a variety of services to help you better manage your materials: